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Niikura Kaoru

Log 1

Kaoru: Practice had just ended and almost everyone was gone as Kaoru finished packing his things. First to arrive and usually last to leave was how it always was. He noticed Toshiya hadn't quite left yet, and once he was all done packing, walked over to him. "Hey Toshiya," he said with a smile. The two had been casually hanging out often now and Kaoru felt like he was starting to have a little crush on the pretty bassist. Toshiya was fun to hang out with and good company, and could always make the guitarist smile and kept his stress level down by distracting him from work.
Toshiya: Today's practice had been good and fruitful but now Toshiya was ready to leave. Do something, do anything. Everyone probably had the same thoughts he was having and all seemed to zoom out as soon as practice was done. Toshiya on the other hand decided to go about it differently. It was inevitable he'd leave now since practice was over, what's a few extra minutes staying to pack his bass up with care. The side bonus? Kaoru might want to do something. Toshiya could honestly say he loved hanging out with the leader. He was just a great person to be with and Toshiya knew he could probably use some stress relief. When he heard his name called out, it was by the person of his thoughts. Toshiya turned around and grinned, "Hey Kaoru! Great practice today, ne?"
Kaoru: Toshiya's crooked toothed grin could make anyone's heart melt and inside Kaoru 'awwed' at the cuteness that was Totchi. Yes, he was defiantly starting to crush on the taller man. Kaoru nodded at Toshiya's question, "Yeah it was. doing anything later? Thought maybe we could grab something to eat. I'm pretty much out of food at home and am too lazy to go shopping and hate eating out alone." He flashed an irresistible smile.
Toshiya: Who could resist that smile? Kaoru's situation pretty much matched his and who could pass up good company? Toshiya was pulled in. "Sure! I'd love to. I totally understand your pain with the food." It wasn't like he was going out with anyone these days. He spent quite a bit of time at work and what time he didn't spend there, it always ended up being spent with Kaoru, not that he was complaining. It was fun and in the process, Toshiya had gained a new close friend.
Kaoru: "Good." Didn't seem like Kaoru would have taken no for an answer, but luckily that wasn't the case. "Do you want to meet somewhere later or go now? It's still a bit early to eat don't you think?" He played with the idea of turning this into more then just going out for food, maybe he'd invite Toshiya back to his place, or go to Toshiya's place afterwards...for hang out time. Sure they had been hanging out a lot but it was mostly just getting food together. Perhaps it was time to try something more and test this crushing feeling.
Toshiya: Toshiya grinned and shrugged his shoulders. "It doesn't matter to me. I'm always hungry but if you aren't then I'm sure we can wait around for a while. I need to drop my bass off at home but other than that, I'm free." Kaoru seemed to be in good spirits today and that was always good. Happy people tended to make for better company. Toshiya was excited to do something with the other man although he wasn't so sure why he would be so excited, he didn't think much into it.
Kaoru: "Alright, how about I meet you at your place then in an hour?" He wanted to drop his stuff off at home as well, and maybe freshen up a bit too if he was to attempt to do more hanging out than just dinner, maybe not too much though, he wasn't trying to turn this into a date or anything.
Toshiya: Toshiya nodded and gave Kaoru a mock salute. "Aye Aye Captain!" He grinned and zipped up his bass completely. Then throwing it over his shoulder, he proceeded to walk to the exit. Before he left, Toshiya yelled over his shoulder, "See ya in an hour!" and then he was gone. Toshiya drove home happily, excited to have some company. When he did get home, he stored his bass in its place and changed into something less random. He didn't exactly dress his best for practice. Toshiya brushed his hair and freshened up a bit. He was soon ready and so he decided to wait on his couch, watching a little tv.
Kaoru: Kaoru chuckled as Toshiya left, waving as he exited. Gathering up his own things he headed home and put everything away in his work room before getting a new set of clothes and freshening himself up. He checked the time before leaving, he'd be a bit early but hopefully Toshiya would be ready. He headed out the door and hopped in his car, driving over to Toshiya's and shortly arriving. Once at Toshiya's place he bounded up to the door and knocked on the door fifteen minutes early.
Toshiya: A knock on the door startled Toshiya away from his show. This wasn't right. He was still in the middle of the show. His eyes traveled to the clock above the television to find that Kaoru was fully 15 min. earlier than he said he was going to be. Wow, good thing I'm ready... Toshiya got up from his couch and quickly walked to the door. He opened it with a smile. "You know, you came 15 min before my show ended."
Kaoru: "Oh I'm sorry, should I go and come back then?" He was sincere but joking, he really didn’t think that we would be interrupting anything when he had come early. Guess he should have thought more before heading over, but it was too late now he was there. "Ready for some food or do you want to finish your show?" He stood outside the door still, waiting for Toshiya to come out or to be invited in.
Toshiya: Toshiya laughed, stepping aside for Kaoru to come in. "Don't worry about it. It was a repeat. I'm just messing with you. Really I'm ready. Did you have anywhere in mind?"
Kaoru: Kaoru stepped inside and looked around some, "No not really, you in the mood for anything in particular?" He turned to the bassist as he asked his question. Usually he just got burgers if he was on his own, but that could get boring after a while, nice to change things up a bit so he would let his friend pick.
Toshiya: Toshiya shut the door after Kaoru so that there wouldn't be a draft. "Well I'm kinda in the mood for some Chinese. Does that sound good? Do you like Chinese?" Toshiya's belly grumbled a bit. Yup, he was hungry now.
Kaoru: He laughed softly at Toshiya's stomach's grumble and the string of questions. "Chinese sounds good to me. Should we order take out or go out?" He didn’t take off his shoes or jacket yet in case they decided to go out.
Toshiya: That gave Toshiya an idea. "What are you doing for the rest of tonight? Are you free?"
Kaoru: "No plans for tonight." He wondered what that question was all about; perhaps they would be spending time together in a different way tonight than usual after all.
Toshiya: Toshiya grinned, proud of his idea. "Why don't we go rent some movies, buy some booze and do take out here at my house? I'm sure we could have a blast. What do you say? A little fun with the best bassist in your band?" How could Kaoru say no? They would have so much fun just hanging out like this.
Kaoru: Kaoru would have to be a fool to say no. "Sounds like a great idea." He smiled, feeling like a kid in high school as he secretly hoped to get closer to his crush. However he had to be careful, crushing was one thing but falling for someone is another and could be dangerous for their friendship if things went wrong.
Toshiya: "Goody!" Toshiya bent down, slipping on his shoes and clapped his hands together as he came back up. "Then I suppose we should get a move on, we can call the Chinese place on our way to get the movies and pick the food up on the way back. There's a really good place really close to here so it should be no problem." He slipped his coat on. "So do you want to take my car or yours?"
Kaoru: "Yours since you know where to go." He waited as Toshiya readied himself to go out to the car. This started to sound like a sleep over, moves...take out...booze...okay a more grown up sleepover.
Kaoru: *movies
Toshiya: Toshiya grabbed his keys and smiled, "That sounds good." He made his way out his front door, letting Kaoru get out before closing and locking it. The bassist led Kaoru out to his car, unlocking the passenger side door before going over to his and getting in. Once they were both in and buckled, Toshiya sped off towards the movie store. "So what kind of stuff did you want to eat from the Chinese place?"
Kaoru: Rubbing his chin he thought about what he felt like eating. "Chicken and cashews," he nodded at his decision. "And rice of course," he chuckled at himself, he thought he was funny. "What type of movie should we get?"
Toshiya: Toshiya chuckled at the cashew comment and turned left. "How about a scary movies please. I don't feel like any right now." Flipping open his cell phone open, Toshiya called the Chinese restaurant and placed both their orders. Then he flipped it close and pulled into the movie parking lot. Toshiya shut the car off and got out, locking the doors when they were both out. He led the way into the movie store. "So what do you think?"
Kaoru: "That sounds good to me." He followed Toshiya, not being too picky about what movie they should see. Walking slowly he browsed around, seeing if something caught his eye and decided the best place to start would be the newer movies that had just come out.
Toshiya: Toshiya split to the other side of the new releases and browsed the through the movies. He looked around until a good one caught his eye. Toshiya finally saw a potential one that looked funny so he picked it up and continued browsing.
Kaoru: Kaoru met back up with Toshiya in the middle and noticed the movie in his hand, "Find something?"
Toshiya: "Yup!" He held it up, "Dodgeball. I hear it's very funny. It's from America."
Kaoru: He eyed the movie case, "Hmm...” he shrugged, "I'm cool with anything." He didn't have any ideas on a movie himself so anything Toshiya picked would be fine with him.
Toshiya: "Great!" There was a little skip in his step as he made his way up to the cashier. He set the movie on the counter and paid for it, beckoning Kaoru to him as he was done and was ready to leave. "Ready to go get the booze now?"
Kaoru: The mention of booze made Kaoru smirk. "Definitely." He walked out before Toshiya and held the door open for him.
Toshiya: Toshiya walked out of the store with his movie in hand, slowly so Kaoru would be able to catch up. The alcohol store happened to be two stores down so he just walked there. "What kind of alcohol do you like Kaoru?"
Kaoru: Kaoru padded along after Toshiya and pondered the question. "Nothing too strong for the moment, I'd like to wake up in the morning at a decent hour." He chuckled, not being overly picky again what they got. He drank often and had a wide range of favorites.
Toshiya: Toshiya grinned. "Well then Niikura-san, you'll have to watch what you drink. I like peppermint schopps, I hope you like that two. If you don't, I can buy something for you too."
Kaoru: "Mmm...peppermint hm? Sounds like a good dessert type of drink. I'll get the booze though, you got the movie." As they came to the store and inside he grabbed the selected drink. "That it then?"
Toshiya: "Yah that's it." He said smiling, "Thank you very much though. The alcohol isn't as expensive by far. Ready to go and pick up the food?"
Kaoru: Paying for the drinks he grabbed them up, "Ready." Heading towards the door he pushed it open with his back and held it open for Toshiya to walk through. Kaoru was egar to get things started.
Toshiya: "And thank you again." Toshiya walked through and made his way back to his car, getting in and driving off with Kaoru with him. He drove to the Chinese food place and picked up their order, then he drove them both back to his place. Once there, Toshiya got out, locked the car doors after them, and made way to his front door. He opened it up for the both of them and put the food on the table once his shoes were off and the door was shut after his companion. "It smells good."
Kaoru: Kaoru placed his coat and shoes by the door before joining Toshiya and placing the drinks on the table. "Good because I'm hungry!" He grabbed up his food and opened the box, taking a whiff of the warm steam. He took a piece of the seasoned chicken and popped it into his mouth. "Mmmmm...good choice."
Toshiya: Kaoru's excited behavior made Toshiya laugh. Soon he could smell the aroma of the food travel to his nose and he smiled. It did smell good. He walked to his drawer and grabbed out two pairs of chopsticks for the both of them. Toshiya set Kaoru's on the counter and opened his box of Egg Foo Young and started eating. After his first bite, Toshiya offered the box to Kaoru and asked with puffy mouse cheeks, "What some?"
Kaoru: Kaoru grabbed up the chopsticks after Toshiya sat them down and was going to start digging into his food when Toshiya asked if he wanted to try some of the other food. Toshiya's puffy cheeks were priceless and made Kaoru laugh as he took his own chopsticks and grabbed up some of the food, sticking it in his mouth. With his mouth full he nodded that it was yummy before swallowing. "So are we going to eat standing or are we going to put the movie in?" he said with a smirk as he joked around.
Toshiya: Toshiya's eyes widened and he smacked his forehead. Swallowing his food, he answered, "I totally forgot." Giggling, he set his food down and picked up the movie, sliding it in. Then we went back and grabbed his food. "Ok! We're set up! What else am I forgetting?"
Kaoru: Taking a seat on the couch he folded his legs up under him and munched on his chicken and cashews. "The drinks," he said, mouth partly full.
Toshiya: "Right, right, right!" Toshiya walked to the kitchen and looked at the bottle. "Hmmm...Kao! Do you want a glass, shotglasses, or do you just want to drink straight out of the bottle with me?" Everyone had something they liked. What did Kaoru want to do?
Kaoru: "Don't waste your time with glasses; we'll just drink from the bottle." He continued to munch on his food as he waited for Toshiya to come back and sit down.
Toshiya: Toshiya grabbed up his food and the bottle and walked to the couch, plopping down and making himself comfortable. He was rather close to the guitarist so they could both reach the alcohol and he reached over and grabbed the remote to start the movie. Once it was going, he started eating again. After a couple of bites, he grabbed the bottle and took a swig. "Mmm... It tastes good."
Kaoru: Not exactly thirsty yet but curious as to the taste, he took the bottle from Toshiya's hands and sipped it. "Mmm...yeah it is rather tasty." He smacked his lips a bit and licked them before returning to his food.
Toshiya: Toshiya grinned and went back to his food. He watched the movie and began laughing at how funny it was.
Kaoru: Occasionally glances over at Toshiya during the movie and grinning at the sight of Toshiya's unique laugh that shows his characteristic teeth.
Toshiya: Toshiya finished his food and started drinking some of the alcohol more and more during the movie, making it funnier and funnier to him as it went on.
Kaoru: Once he finished with his food he set the box off to the side and stole the drink away from Toshiya before he drank it all, getting in some of his fill quickly.
Toshiya: Toshiya looked over with a pout on his rosy cheeks. "Hey! You stealer!"
Kaoru: "Awww..." Kaoru patted the bassist on the head and handed the drink back over. "Sorry," he apologized for stealing the drink.
Toshiya: Toshiya giggled and took the bottle; he took a drink and gave it back to the man beside him. "That's ok. I like to share. You can get happy like me!"
Kaoru: "Happy like you huh? I think I might need something stronger then to catch up!" He teased as he took another sip.
Toshiya: "I think I might have something..." Toshiya got up on slightly wobbly legs and made his way over to the cupboard by the refrigerator. "I haff shochu!" he called out.
Kaoru: Kaoru flopped over onto the rest of the couch and watched Toshiya. "That's cool." He had his chin resting on his palms as he waited.
Toshiya: Toshiya grabbed the bottle and carefully walked over so he wouldn't drop it. "Move over or you get no love."
Kaoru: Kaoru scooted over on the couch, still stretched out, but made enough room for Toshiya to sit down as well and share the couch.
Toshiya: "Thank you!" Toshiya smiled and lay down next to Kaoru, handing him the bottle. "I have lots of love here so you better be happy like me."
Kaoru: Kaoru took the new bottle from Toshiya and took a drink, not at all following what he had said before about not drinking anything strong. He licked his lips as he removed the bottle and set it on the table as he lies back against the couch with a content sigh and a little smile.
Toshiya: Toshiya turned his head towards Kaoru lazily and smiled at the man next to him. "Does it taste good?"
Kaoru: He licked his lips again as if reminding himself of the taste. "Yep, very." he grinned broadly, a bit tipsy now as the drinks were taking affect.
Toshiya: This made Toshiya happy that Kaoru would be just as happy very soon. "Why don't you have some more?"
Kaoru: "Don't rush me," he poked the bassist in the side, grinning as he played around.
Toshiya: Toshiya jerked a little and giggled. "Well then hurry up and then we can do something. I'm bored already."
Kaoru: He quit poking Toshiya and lay still on the couch. "What do you want to do? Got any games we could play?"
Toshiya: The bassist shook his head, "Nope. I don't usually bring people here to play board games." Toshiya giggled a bit and continued, "We should play one that doesn't require a board."
Kaoru: "Like a card game?" Kaoru couldn't think at the moment of any games that didn't require a board...he'd have to think harder.
Toshiya: Again he shook his head. "I don't like cards. Hmmm...Lets playyyy...Truth or Dare!" Toshiya looked proud of his decision. How talented of him to come up with something so good. It was like a stroke of genius.
Kaoru: Kaoru didn’t think he could have concentrated in a card game anyway. "I'm not very good at that game but okay." He reached for the bottle and took a drink.
Toshiya: "Oh it's easy like pie Kao. Truth or dare?" Toshiya watched the ceiling move a bit and smiled dumbly.
Kaoru: "I'll start things out easy, truth." He fidgeted with the bottle a bit but was more relaxed then he normally would be in this situation. He felt kind of silly playing this game, it was so grade school but never less he went along with it.
Toshiya: Toshiya's smile morphed into a grin. He tried to think up a really good question. Something embarrassing or weird. Hmmm... "Ok Kao, why are you afraid to show off more skin and other people in the group?" Gosh that didn't sound so good now that he had asked it.
Kaoru: Kaoru shrugged, "I'm just modest I guess, I don't really like showing myself off. It makes me a bit uncomfortable too I guess." That was kind of a lame question he thought, but it was only the first one. "Okay, truth or dare?"
Toshiya: Toshiya thought of what his next dare could be immediately but answered with, "Truth." He didn't think Kaoru would come up with anything better.
Kaoru: Kaoru thought for a good second before speaking, "Have you ever had a crush on someone of the same sex?" For being a bit tipsy, he sure had a good question.
Toshiya: Toshiya grinned and nodded confidently. "Oh yah. I've had lots. I've had crushes on everyone." That wasn't such a bad question. Toshiya liked it. "Truth or dare."
Kaoru: That answer furthered the rumor of Toshiya's slutty-ness, "crushes on everyone." "Truth again." he didn't feel up to a dare just yet.
Toshiya: "Okay!" Toshiya bounced a little, "Have you ever truly kissed a man?" Oh naughty Toshiya. He gave a little victory sign and grinned.
Kaoru: "Once." He was very flat with his answer as he moved on, "Truth or dare?" He placed the bottle to his lips again.
Toshiya: A pout graced his rosy features for a second before he answered, "Dare." Kao didn't have to be so grumpy about that, he thought.
Kaoru: Kaoru had to think on this one, dares were a bit tougher to come up with. "Hmmm..." he was having a bit of trouble coming up with anything. "I dare you to...consume the rest of this in one gulp." He held up the peppermint drink they had bought that night which still had a good forth left in the bottle.
Toshiya: Toshiya was not the best with chugging but he was also never one to back away from a challenge. The bassist sat up and took the bottle, grinned at Kaoru. "Ichi, ni, san!" he yelled and tilted the bottle up, chugging down the contents. He took large gulps but little streams of liquid still ran out from the corners of his mouth and down his long neck.
Kaoru: Kaoru chuckled as Toshiya made a small mess with the drink, "Don't choke".
Toshiya: When he was done, Toshiya wobbled a bit. He set the glass down and wiped his arm across his face, trying to take off the liquid but only smudging it. His eyes were extremely unfocused and he grinned, "Truth or dare?"
Kaoru: Kaoru leaned up to help Toshiya wipe his face off. 'Dare," he grinned as he took a swig from the bottle, feeling bolder.
Toshiya: A warm feeling pitted itself in his stomach. Toshiya smiled. He could do his dare now. "Take off your shirt and only wear your pants. Then you'll learn not to be so modest."
Kaoru: Kaoru was silent for a few seconds, Toshiya was more or less telling him to strip. He had to follow through however and with a sigh he pulled his shirt up over his head and set it off to the side, sitting back against the couch with his arms folded over his chest. "Truth or dare?"
Toshiya: Toshiya smiled and poked Kaoru's side, although he was aiming for the other man's stomach. Kaoru still looked uncomfortable slightly but he'd learn. "Dare!" He was feeling quite adventurous.
Kaoru: Kaoru didn’t want to be the only one half dressed so he said the first thing that came to mind. "Take off your pants."
Toshiya: "Ok!" Nothing sounded back in Toshiya's mind now. He got up from the couch slowly and undid his pants, sliding them down his thin hips revealing a small set of briefs. Uncaringly, he threw the pants off somewhere and sat down. "Here we go! Truth or dare."
Kaoru: There that sat, half dressed and don’t in their 100% sound minds. "Dare." Drinking always made Kaoru bolder and do things he normally would have taken more time to think over but at the moment, his cares were getting further and further away as he took more sips from the bottle.
Toshiya: Toshiya thought it over, trying to trudge through his alcohol clouded mind. What could Kaoru do?? What would be funny? Finally the answer dawned on him. Perfect. "Ok. I want you to call anyone on the phone and tell them that you want them bad." Toshiya giggled profusely, thinking he had one upped the guitarist.
Kaoru: "Someone that I actual want or just someone random?"
Toshiya: "Anyone at all."
Kaoru: He thought about this for a second, just calling someone random didn’t seem like much of a good dare. Either way he pulled out his phone from his pocket and looked through his contact list. As he looked through he came across Toshiya's number and got a pretty good idea. He glanced over at the bassist as he hit send.
Toshiya: Toshiya kept on giggling, thinking that Kaoru was going to be so embarrassed when he had to actually talk to the person. Suddenly a ringing phone cut through his thoughts. He jumped slightly and got up, making his way wobbly to the phone. Who could be calling at this hour? Toshiya mind couldn't put two and two together right now so he picked up the receive and tried to answer as soberly as possible, "Moshi Moshi."
Kaoru: Kaoru couldn't help but laugh at Toshiya when he didn't understand that it was him who was calling. His laughter echoed through the phones as he tried to calm himself.
Toshiya: A confused look crossed Toshiya's face, "Moshi Moshi...Is this a prank call??"
Kaoru: "Toshiya's it's me you retard," Kaoru spat out into the phone as he tried to stop laughing.
Toshiya: Toshiya looked at the receiver and then to Kaoru dumbly. It took him about 10 seconds to put two and two together. When he did, his cheeks puffed out angrily and he said, "You didn't do the dare at all. You called me."
Kaoru: "You said I could call anyone," he beamed, feeling so smart.
Toshiya: "You had to call anyone and tell them how hot you were. You called me and then you called me a retard. That was just mean." Toshiya put the receiver down and wobbled back to the couch, pouting cutely.
Kaoru: Kaoru crawled over to Toshiya and hugged him around the waist, his head resting against his chest as he leaned on him. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be mean." He started to slowly slide down.
Toshiya: Toshiya smiled from the affection and brought a hand up, patting Kaoru's head gently. "That's ok. But now I have 1 and you have 0. I choose dare next."
Kaoru: "0 what?" He sat up, pulling away from Toshiya.
Toshiya: "You didn't do the dare right so I get 1 point and you get 0." Toshiya felt smart with his added number use.
Kaoru: "I did your other dare though!" He wasn't liking this 0 point business.
Toshiya: "Nooo... I told you to call someone and tell them how hot you were for them. You only called me and called me a retard."
Kaoru: Kaoru rolled his eyes and continued on, "Fine, I dare you to call your most current crush." He hoped back on the couch and stretched out, placing his hands behind his head.
Toshiya: "What if I only have a little tiny, tiny crush on them. Like I'm not sure about my feelings."
Kaoru: Kaoru huffed, there went his idea, "Fine, I'll think of something else." He started at the ceiling for a little while searching for an idea.
Toshiya: Toshiya giggled and laid his head on Kaoru's stomach. "You'd better think of something good.)
Toshiya: "*
Kaoru: Idly he patted Toshiya on the head as he tried hard to come up with something but was having a lot of trouble.
Toshiya: Unwittingly laying out his own demise, Toshiya suggested, "How about something dirty." His cheeks pinkened and he giggled, "Those always turn out to be good. It separates the wimps from the winners of this game."
Kaoru: Kaoru looked down at his friend with a raised eyebrow. "Excuse me?" Suddenly their semi innocent game seemed to take a violent turn and a tiny lump formed in Kaoru's stomach. Not only had he been developing a small crush on Toshiya, he also wasn't sure he would be comfortable doing some of the dares Toshiya may come up with now.
Toshiya: Toshiya pouted slightly. "It was only a suggestion. It's usually fun if you do those sorts of things." A small grin placed itself on his face though when he continued. "I'll understand if you're too chicken."
Kaoru: Kaoru's eyes narrowed as Toshiya poked fun of him. "Alright fine. I dare you to do something you've only thought about doing but haven't done."
Toshiya: Toshiya grinned. "Are you sure? It's weird and you might get a little freaked out. I've always been curious about it though."
Kaoru: "Yeah yeah," he waved it off, having no clue what could come of it and really not even thinking about it at all.
Toshiya: "Oookkkkkkaaayyyy." Toshiya sat up and looked into Kaoru's eyes, watching his face intently. He brought his hand up and felt his way up Kaoru's leg and slowly to his crotch. Not taking his eyes off of Kaoru's, Toshiya began to kneed it firmly but gently, watching for any reaction that came to Kaoru's face.
Kaoru: At first Kaoru froze, shocked by Toshiya's actions but was soon taken over by feeling as his eyes closed and he bit down on his lip. Suddenly he realized he shouldn't let this be happening and he brushed Toshiya away. He was glad that he was the one still wearing pants.
Toshiya: Toshiya's unfocused eyes watched Kaoru as a soft smile spread across his face. "You looked nice..." This was a situation Toshiya had always wanted to see Kaoru in. For whatever reason, he just had to see it. Toshiya brought his hand to his lap and grinned. "Truth or Dare?"
Kaoru: Kaoru was utterly confused at what was going on and a bit nervous to pick dare now. "Truth..." He took deep breaths to help calm himself, no thanks to Toshiya and his wandering hands.
Toshiya: "Hmmm..." Things became drastically easier now that they were playing something a bit more riskay. "How many men have you been with?"
Kaoru: Kaoru fidgeted a bit, "Yes, but not very seriously." He never really had told anyone about that, it had gone badly and he liked to forget about it.
Toshiya: Toshiya grinned. "Was he hot?"
Kaoru: "Your turn is over, no more questions. Truth or dare?"
Toshiya: Toshiya pouted a bit but otherwise shrugged it of. "Ok then, dare!"
Kaoru: Dare again...he wasn't good at thinking up dares and after the last one it'd be hard to top. "Kiss me."
Toshiya: Not one uncertain thought crossed his mind as he leaned over and softly laid his lips upon Kaoru's. He kissed the other man, moving his lips a little to deepen it.
Kaoru: Kaoru was a tad shocked Toshiya went right into it. He didn't return the kiss of make any moves until the bassist began to deepen the kiss. Relaxing some he slightly parted his lips with eyes closed as the initial shock wore away.
Toshiya: Toshiya's face pinkened a bit but also parted his lips and let his pink tongue slip out. He drug it lightly against Kaoru's bottom lip before slowly slipping it in to the other man's mouth. Now this was how a kiss was done.
Kaoru: Kaoru pulled away slowly, his face a bit flushed. That was more than enough and he figured it was best not to get things carried away. Picking up the drink bottle he took a small sip. "Dare," he continued the game.
Toshiya: That kiss had done nothing but make him extremely hot. To bad he didn't have a boy friend right now or he'd be on his way over to spend some "quality" time with him. But here was Kaoru. Kaoru was attractive. Kaoru was smart. Kaoru liked him. And he wanted more Kaoru right now. "Kiss me."
Kaoru: Kaoru chuckled softly, Toshiya only copied his dare! But he wasn't arguing. Since they had already kissed once it was easy to fulfill this. He leaned far over to Toshiya, placing one hand beside him and one on his cheek and continued where they had left off.
Toshiya: Toshiya kissed back immediately, slipping his tongue into Kaoru's mouth and playing with its partner. Kaoru definitely tasted nice. He couldn't get enough of this.
Kaoru: That was as far as the dare called for, a kiss. He pulled back just a bit. "Truth or dare?" His lips brushed softly against Toshiya's as he spoke.
Toshiya: Toshiya moaned softly, half in frustration and half in pleasure. "Dare." He answered back. His brain was filled with alcohol and now lust. He would do just about anything.
Kaoru: "Do whatever your body is telling you to do right now." Kaoru was more or less taking a jump off a bridge with this. It was just one'd be okay...they could just make an agreement to keep it quite later and caryy on like nothing happened.
Toshiya: Toshiya gave another moan as he linked his lips back up with Kaoru's and kissed him furiously. He scooted over so he could press his body against the other man's and brought his arms up, linking around Kaoru's neck.
Kaoru: As Toshiya pressed against him, Kaoru moaned softly. He wrapped his arms around Toshiya's waist and lay back on the couch, taking Toshiya with him.
Toshiya: Even more warmth seemed to brew within him, pooling all in his groin. He hadn't felt this hot ever. Toshiya wanted Kaoru to take him right then, to feel the other man sliding in and out of him. If possible, he deepened the kiss and let one of his hands travel down Kaoru's torso, feeling the soft, warm skin of his leader and friend.
Kaoru: Kaoru shivered and arched lightly under Toshiya's touch. He hadn't been with anyone in a long time and he was long over due for some loving. Gently he inched his hands up the back of Toshiya's shirt, exploring the warm skin benthe the fabric.
Toshiya: The younger man sighed and moved his kissed to Kaoru's jaw. He kissed up and up to the guitarist's ear, sucking on the lobe gently. His hand began to run the skin right above Kaoru's hip lightly as Toshiya continued down his neck.
Kaoru: Kaoru moaned softly and tilted his head back as Toshiya's warm kisses were placed over his sensitive skin. Casually he slid one hand over the bassist's ass and gently squeezed. Sure Toshiya didn’t have much of an ass but Kaoru still liked it.
Toshiya: Toshiya's tongue slipped out between his lips and he began licking the other man's neck seductively. He whimpered a bit and wiggled his bum against the other man's hand. Slowly he went further down and began to nip at Kaoru's collar bone, giving it softly licks and nipping it again.
Kaoru: Whimpering at the nice feeling of Toshiya's touches, Kaoru pulled down on the bassist's slim hips and rubbed against him. He slipped a finger just under the waist of Toshiya's underwear and ran it across the smooth skin at his hips.
Toshiya: His licks and nips stopped as he let out a little shudder. Then he continued, moving down to Kaoru's right nipple. His tongue rubbed all around it before he took it into his mouth and sucked gently, occasionally nibbling on it. Quickly he moved over to the other nipple and began sucking and nibbling on it but now as long as he was getting extremely hot.
Kaoru: Kaoru shuddered and held Toshiya tightly against him, letting out soft whimpers and moans. He tugged at the hem of Toshiya's shirt, wanting it removed but not having any words to speak with at the moment. He wanted to feel the heat of their bodies together and to do that, the clothing had to go.
Toshiya: Toshiya gladly pulled up from his work and slipped away his shirt. He threw it off and continued working down, placing butterfly kissed on Kaoru's stomach. He dipped his tongue down in Kaoru's belly button before moving down further. Dragging his tongue just above the waist of Kaoru's pants, he began to undo them slowly.
Kaoru: Kaoru flushed a bit as he eyed Toshiya, nearly naked. Toshiya was extremely attractive and very sexy. Soon enough his thoughts where broken through as he let out a long moan when Toshiya began to travel lower and undo his pants. Moving to slow for his liking Kaoru helped with the removal of his pants so that now they both sat in their underwear.
Toshiya: Toshiya smirked and slowly began to pull down Kaoru's underwear. When there were gone, Kaoru's erection popped up from its confines. Toshiya licked his lips and immediately went in, wrapping his lips around the head and sucking.
Kaoru: Kaoru's eyes went wide in surprise but quickly closed as he let out a deep moan, his fingers lacing into Toshiya's hair. With much effort he gathered his words, speaking in a shortness of breath, "Are you...sure you should be ...doing this?" He wasn’t complaining but was having a few second thoughts on whether this was alright to be doing or not.
Toshiya: Toshiya released Kaoru's head as his own popped up. A curious look was written across it. "What do you mean? You dared me to do what my body wanted. Do you not want to do this?"
Kaoru: Kaoru shook his head, "I just...wasn't sure." He took a deep breath and relaxed a bit, deciding not to worry about it anymore.
Toshiya: Toshiya's brow furrowed. "You don't want this?" He sat up and scooted back a little. "I'm really sorry Kao if I made you uncomfortable. I was doing what my body told me too."
Kaoru: "No!" Kaoru about fell off the couch as he tried to grab Toshiya and pull him back. "I mean...I do want this." A red blush spread into his cheeks as he glanced into Toshiya's eyes.
Toshiya: Toshiya smiled a bit, a blush appearing across his cheeks as well. Such a strong reaction. Toshiya leaned back down between Kaoru's legs and took the guitarist in, more this time, relaxing his throat and sucking lightly.
Kaoru: Kaoru gasped and bucked his hips slightly towards Toshiya, his fingers gripping the strand of the bassist's hair as he moaned back in his throat. It was surprising to believe that this is what Toshiya's body as telling him to do.
Toshiya: Vibrations were sent down Kaoru's member as Toshiya moaned. He went down further, sucking harder. This was something he felt he was loving more than he needed to. It's as though Kaoru was doing something to him. In his drunken mind, everything around Toshiya was amplified far more. Toshiya needed this man inside him.
Kaoru: Much longer and Kaoru would meet his climax. "Toshiya....." he whispered softly, his eyes closed as he breathed heavily. This wasn't the first time he'd ever been with someone, or a man even though he didn’t exactly go around telling everyone that, but this felt so much different and so much better.
Toshiya: Toshiya pulled back and smacked his lips. "Tasty. Do you want to know what else my body is telling me to do?" He needed this so bad. Hopefully, Kaoru would be a good boy.
Kaoru: Kaoru nodded slowly, "But it's my turn now, and I pick dare." A sly grin curled at the corners of his lips, he had a feeling where this might be going.
Toshiya: Toshiya leaned in and kissed Kaoru, letting him taste himself. Then he pulled back and whispered into Kaoru's ear, "I dare you to fuck me." Simple and sweet. This was an easy one.
Kaoru: Just as Kaoru had thought Toshiya would dare him, he did. "My pleasure," he kissed Toshiya firmly, adding a bit of tongue into the mix as he pushed Toshiya's underwear away.
Toshiya: Toshiya moaned loudly and kissed back. He kicked his underwear off and spread his legs for the other man, anticipating the feeling to come. Toshiya had seen the other man. Oh ya, it would be good.
Kaoru: Pulling back from the kiss he brought two fingers to his mouth and began to thoroughly coat them in salvia. It was obvious he knew what he was doing
Toshiya: Toshiya looked at Kaoru with half mast, lust filled eyes. He licked his lips, staring at the fingers going deep inside Kaoru's cavern. "Mmm...." Unconsciously, he spread his legs further.
Kaoru: Placing his fingers between Toshiya he began to stretch and prepare the other for the next step while he placed soft butterfly kisses over his neck and face.
Toshiya: A little wince spread across his features but he quickly relaxed. His breathing heightened and he pushed his hips forward a bit, trying to help Kaoru find his spot.
Kaoru: Pushing his fingers in as deep as he could he searched for that spot inside Toshiya, continuing his kisses over his face and neck, now including his jaw line and collar bones.
Toshiya: Toshiya felt those wiggling fingers move higher and higher. Suddenly a bolt of pleasure blasted through his spine. "Ahhh!!" His head fell back a little and his hips now began to move more, trying to get more of that feeling.
Kaoru: Kaoru smiled as he hit jackpot and pulled his hand away. Now he knew exactly were to go as he pulled Toshiya's hips to his and brought himself into the bassist. He let out a low moan as Toshiya's warmth and tightness engulfed him.
Toshiya: Toshiya's eyes closed in pleasure, a soft moan spilling from his lips. He brought his legs up and wrapped them around Kaoru's waist. It was painful but the pain was pleasure. His hands gripped the couch. "I'm ready..."
Kaoru: With a soft kiss on Toshiya's forehead Kaoru began to move his hips against Toshiya's, starting off a bit slow but quickly picking up his pace as he thrust repeatedly into Toshiya's pleasure spot he had previously located.
Toshiya: Toshiya's head was thrown back in ecstasy. Whimpers and groans flowed from his mouth. The pleasure was extreme Toshiya couldn't get enough of it. "Ahh...Kao...harder please...” He needed more. This was good but he always needed more.
Kaoru: The little whimpers and moans emitted from Toshiya's lips edged him forward as Kaoru rocked his hips harder against his partner. Slipping a hand behind the bassist's back, he pulled Toshiya down against him and kissed on the exposed flesh of neck.
Toshiya: Toshiya bit his lip and tried to pull himself down faster against Kaoru. He was so close. He needed release fast. He felt almost as if he was about to pass out. This wasn't too far from the truth from the amount of alcohol he had consumed combined with the activity that he was going through.
Kaoru: Nuzzling his face down into Toshiya's neck, Kaoru breathed heavily as he was very close. With one free hand he reached down to stroke Toshiya and help him along. Soon, in one deep moan and shutter, he reached his own release.
Toshiya: Toshiya could feel his insides being coated in Kaoru's seed. With one final push, Toshiya felt the muscles in his lower abdomen shudder and contract. With a soft cry, he came all over between the two of them. The blood loss of most of the blood to his head, made him feel even dizzier. Slowly he laid his head down and smiled goofily. "That was fun..." he sighed and proceeded to pass out cold on the guitarist.
Kaoru: With only a nod for a replay Kaoru answered Toshiya before collapsing himself from exhaustion and drunken-ness. As he slept he unconsciously cuddled the bassist to him.
Toshiya: Toshiya unconsciously cuddled to the warmth that Kaoru provided and slept through the morning, to the afternoon. When he did finally wake up, he felt disoriented and had a headache. Keeping his eyes closed, Toshiya wasn't sure what he did the night before or who was there with him but he wanted to wait to find out so to stay in their warm arms a bit longer.
Kaoru: Around mid afternoon when Kaoru finally awoke he and a mild headache but was surprisingly very comfortable with the bassist in his arms. Slowly he opened his eyes to find a picture of a peaceful Toshiya in his view. He smiled slightly and kissed the bassist's cheek ever so slightly before sitting up and grabbing his clothes that lay strewn about on the floor.
Toshiya: A pretty blush rose up in his cheeks when he felt a kiss ghost itself across his cheek. When the body left, Toshiya curled up a bit and opened his eyes, only to be treated to a rather nice site of Kaoru trying to find his clothes nude. Why was Kaoru naked? Toshiya had drunken so much last night that he couldn't remember what happened at all. He moved to sit up and winced a bit. There was no doubt in his mind over what they did last night. How weird. What was going to happen now?
Kaoru: Once finding the bits of his clothing he wandered off to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. Thoughtfully he came back with a damp towel for Toshiya along with a robe that he had spotted in the bathroom. Walking back out to the couch he handed Toshiya the towel with a pat on the head and draped the robe over him before proceeding to clean up the mess they had made with food and drinks.
Toshiya: His face flushed a little more and he smiled softly, murmuring, "Thank you." And began to clean himself up. How considerate of Kaoru. Toshiya smiled a bit more and set the soiled towel aside and wrapped the robe around himself. He got up and began helping Kaoru clean up. "I'm sorry if I came on too strong last night. If you're ashamed of what we did, I'll be sure to not tell anyone." He really wanted to stay being friends with Kaoru and hoped that this didn't somehow scare the other off.
Kaoru: "its okay," he smiled warmly at Toshiya. He didn't want to pretend nothing had happened and hoped that Toshiya wasn't going to forget about it either. After getting most things cleaned up he stretched and rubbed some sleep from his eyes then pressed his hand to his aching head. "Got any painkillers?"
Toshiya: He was relieved that Kaoru wasn't going to freak out. That was the last thing he needed to earl--late in the afternoon. Toshiya laughed softly to Kaoru's request and got up, walking to the bathroom and pulling out a bottle of aspirin. He got out four. Two for him and two for Kaoru and walked back out with two paper cups of water. Toshiya took them to Kaoru and gave them to the guitarist before taking his own set of pills. "I hope that's ok."
Kaoru: "That's fine," he popped the pills into his mouth and gulped down the water. "I guess I should head home now..." Kaoru scratched his head a bit awkwardly. It was an interesting situation to be in, however it was surprisingly not as awkward as it should have been, at least not like he had thought.
Toshiya: "Ok then, I'll talk to you later." Toshiya gave a chipper smile. He didn't remember all that had happened but he had a good idea. Somehow, he didn't feel too bad about it. Kaoru was a close friend and he would rather have something like this happen with Kaoru more than with anyone else in the band. Stuff like this definitely didn't happen often with Toshiya but this turned out the best possible way he could imagine right now.
Kaoru: Shyly he placed a quick kiss on Toshiya's cheek as he went past and gathered his things to leave. On his way home he began to recall parts of the previous night and became flushed when he realized that Toshiya must have wanted things to end up like they had, after all he had asked for it and made the first big moves in the game, all Kaoru had asked for was a simple kiss. He was interested in how things would turn out now, but at the moment his biggest concern was getting back to bed to sleep off the rest of the headache and be prepared to work the next day.
Toshiya: A hand went up to his face and again, for the third time that afternoon, Toshiya blushed. When the leader was gone, Toshiya went to his bedroom and clasped onto the bed. For the life of him, he could not remember the night before. Usually he had an excellent memory but not today. He must have consumed way more than he was used too. That was probably it. Even though they were just 'friends', Toshiya could feel little butterflies floating around in his stomach at the thought of being with Kaoru like that. Slowly his eyes drooped shut and Toshiya was off to dream world

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