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Kaoru, Shinya, and Kyo RP

Kaoru: Kaoru was the first to arrive at the studio. He flicked on the lights, alluminating the darkened rooms and walked over to his amps and dusted the thin film of grim that had collected. He set his guitar case down. Carefully he pulled the prize instrument out and looked over it with a smile. Eager to start he plugged it into an amp and started to strum away, already getting warmed up before the others would arrive.
Shinya: Hearing the sounds of the guitar Shinya smiled shaking his head. "Early as usual." he smiled to himself. Shinya pushed the door open and greeted the older man with a nod.
Kyo: Kyo literaly dragged himself to the practice building, but succesfully arrived to practice room. He saw Kaoru and greeted him with a nod. Kyo made his way to the kitchen and tried to make himself a quick cup of coffee.
Kaoru: Kaoru looked up as he heard the doors open and saw both Shinya and Kyo, he checked his watch, practice was to begin. "Toshiya isn't here yet? Or Die?" He set his guitar on a stand and got up, looking around to find the long legged bassist or red head guitarist but no luck.
Shinya: Shinya sat behind his drums and slowly scanned the room." Hmmm, where is Toshiya?" " That redheaded bimbo is missing too." Shinya thought to himself as he started to lightly beat on his drums. " Man Kaoru's gunna be pissed when they get here, late again, I hope he kicks Dies ass." Shinya smiled.
Kyo: Kyo came out of the kitchen with his cup of coffee. He went on the stage to get his mic ready. Kyo scanned the place and notices that the blue haired man and red head wasn't here yet. "Hmm..WTF?..There not here yet." He thought for a second. "Ah oh well, back to coffee" he grinned
Kaoru: Kaoru sighed and returned to his amp. He had hoped to see Toshiya again, he hadn't seen him in a while but it didn't look like the other two were going to show. "Well Toshiya and Die aren't here so we can't really do anything." He started to unplug his guitar and pack it up. "So...I guess practice is canelled." With a frown he shut the guitar case. "Anyone want to go get something to eat? since we're all here anyway, might as well do something together."
Shinya: Shinya's head popped up from behind his drums and he brushed his bangs out of his face. " Um...Sure, I'll join you if you don't mind." He smiled slightly at kaoru.
Kyo: Kyo took a sip of his coffee. "Yeah I'm up for it" "Literally up for it.." He yawned to show that he was still sleepy. He had hope that Toshiya would arrived today, but it didn't happen. He sighed slightly.
Kaoru: "HOW COULD THEY NOT BE HERE!?!" Kaoru threw his arms in anger. "I need a smoke!" He grabbed his guitar and headed for the door, kicking it on exit as he went outside to grab a cigarette and put his instrument in the car.
Shinya: Shinya flinched at his leader-sama's outburst. Shinya turned to Kyo " eerm...maybe you should try and calm him down. I would'm not so fond of the whole smoke thing.'' Shinya frowned.
Kyo: "Oh alright" Kyo rolled his eyes mentally. Kyo walked through the open door that Kaoru had kicked. He saw Kaoru putting his guitar away angrily. "Hey man calm down, it's not really that bad." Kyo reached to his pocket to grab a cigarette and lit it with his lighter.
Kaoru: Slamming his car door shut Kaoru leaned up against the vehicle and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it and puffing away madly at it. "Our first band meeting after the break and they skip out.." He shook his head, this was not a good sign.
Shinya: With a heavy sigh, Shinya picked up his duffle bag and started to head towards the exit. " I wonder where those two are? I really hate it when they make Kaoru angry like this." Shinya sighed. Truth be told Shinya was kind of scared of their Leader-Sama.
Kyo: Kyo exhaled the smoke. "Ah, Kaoru just stay calm. It's our first meet up, this was BOUND to happen." He took a drag on his cigarette.
Kaoru: "Well it shouldn't happen! Ever!!" He went through his first cigarette rather quickly and opted for a second one.
Shinya: Shinya timidly peaked his head out the door and saw Kyo and Kaoru smoking by Kaoru's car. " A-anou.." Shinya timidly spoke," Kaoru, are you sure you want to cancel practice? Cause Im sure we could atleast do a few numbers."
Kyo: "Yeah I agree" "I mean I didn't come out of my comfy bed for nothing!" he took another drag on his cigarette. "I mean we can at least get a little bit done." he then started to play around with a rock in the ground.
Kaoru: "How much can we really get done?" He finished off his cigarette, tossing the ends to the ground. "We're missing HALF of our instrumentals!"
Shinya: Shinya frowned."Just because those two IDIOTS aren't here doesn't mean we have to suffer cause of them." Shinya defended then realized he had raised his voice at his leader-sama and gulped a bit.
Kyo: Kyo was too distracted with the rock in the ground. He kicked it and hit Kaoru's car. "Uh oh" he said under his breath. "Well you guys settle this by yourselfs, I'm going back inside." He said nervously.
Kaoru: "Let's just lock up and go get pie or something." He took a deep sigh, what a way to start things out.
Shinya: Shinya's eyes shifted to the ground,"K-kaoru, can I ask you something? I-I-um....never mind pie is good." Shinya hid his eyes behind his hair and headed quickly to the door to go find Kyo.
Kyo: Kyo threw the cigarette in the sink. He turned on the water so it can wash away the cigarette. "Hopefully Kaoru doesn't notice" he sighed "Sometimes I feel sorry for that old man"
Kaoru: Kaoru raised one eyebrow at Shinya's odd behavoir...what was THAT all about? He followed after him and caught up just before the doors. "What did you want to say Shin?"
Shinya: "Well, it's just..I noticed things between you and Toshiya have been kinda, well odd lately, I just wanted to know if you two had a fight or something, but it's none of my buisness so sorry for butting in." he rambled.
Kyo: Kyo saw Shinya and Kaoru talking in the room. "Hmm" he thought. He hid behind the couch to listen in what they were talking about.
Kaoru: "Oh..." he hadn't thought things were weird..."No, no fights, I just haven't seen him in a while. Let's get Kyo and see about some food." He looked around to find Kyo, where'd he go?*
Shinya: " That's odd. I thought he came in here.. I know how to find him. HEY KYO SOMEONE CALLED YOU KAWAII!." Shinya yelled hoping the other would hear him.
Kyo: Kyo popped out behind the couch. "WHAT! Who is it, who is it!?! Where is this person that cried kawaii!!?"
Kaoru: Kaoru started to laugh as Kyo popped up form behind the couch. "What were you doing back there?"
Shinya: " Kyo were you spying on us?" Shinya laughed showing one of his true smiles.( Which is a rare thing for my shin-chan)
Kyo: " was just looking for.." he quickly used his eyes too look for something in the ground, he spotted something and quickly picked it up. "I was looking for THIS"
Kaoru: Kaoru squinted at the object. "What the heck is that?" He couldnt tell from far off what it was. "Anyway, get out from back there and lets get some pie."
Shinya: Shinya started to laugh so hard that he grabbed his sides in pain." K-kyo, you HAHAHA were Hahaha Looking for t-that hahahaha old frenchfrie D-Die kun dropped before break and never picked up? Are ya gunna eat it now?" Shinya continued laughing so hard that tears sprung into his eyes.
Kyo: Kyo blinked at Shinya. Kyo saw that he was holding. "Ack! Uh better through that away" He said almost disgusted at the sight.
Kaoru: "That's...disgusting." He scrunched up his nose, that thing probabaly had MOLD on it! "Get rid of it before I toss what's left in my stomach." He moved to the doors to make sure they were locked, "So pie or not? Come on already."
Shinya: " Im up for pie, but only cause Die's not coming with us". Shinya smiled
Kyo: Kyo popped out, out of the kitchen. "Uh..I want Pie."
Kaoru: "Than hurry up already and get outside so we can go get some pie!" He smirked a bit, this was kind of funny to him for some reason.
Shinya:Shinya stared oddly at their Leader-Sama" Anou...Kaoru, what's so funny about pie?" He asked.
Kyo: "Yeah, seriously old man?" He looked at Kaoru funnily.
Kaoru: He shrugged, it wasn't so much the pie that was funny, but them. "Lets just go before I change my mind...AND DONT CALL ME OLD!!"
Shinya: Shinya laughed. "Sure thing foggy." He smiled at Kaoru.
Kyo: "Hahaha, whatever" Kyo had a smile on his face.
Kaoru: ".......EXCUSE ME!?" He huffed, he was just getting into a better mood too. He probably hated being called old as much as Kyo hated being called kawaii.
Shinya: Eyes wide with fear Shinya took a step backwards. A-anou, it was a joke Kaoru...WOAH! shinya stepped back and tripped on the corner of the rug and fell backwards onto the floor. Itai.." Shinya sniffled.
Kyo: "Woah Shinya you ok?" He looked down at Shinya, he was laying on the floor. Kyo couldn't help but to laugh lightly.
Kaoru: Kaoru helped Shinya up before walking out the door and waiting outside, he still felt like getting pie wether the others were coming or not.
Shinya: Shinya limped after Kaoru."Matte Kaoru-kun, Im comming too!" he wailed.
Kyo: "Oi!, wait I'm comming too!" he ran outside.
Kaoru: Kaoru held the door open for them as they ran out after him, yet another cigarette already between his lips. "Drive separately or together?"
Shinya: Shinya wrinkled his nose. "Im gunna take my car. No offense Kaoru, but you know how I feel about smoking."
Kyo: "Uh.." he scratched his head. "I'll take my car too, I like driving my own car." he said bluntly as he ran off to get his car started.
Kaoru: Kaoru rolled his eyes, there was nothing wrong with his car but oh well. He hopped in and buckled up, starting the car and pulling out, waiting for the others so they could follow.
Shinya: Shinya hopped into his car and started the engine. "I hope they don't order cherrie pie. Ugh just the color red makes me gag." Shinya thought to himself.
Kyo: Kyo got the engine running. "I hope we order cherry pie. Just seeing Shinya gag is priceless haha~" he pulled out of the parking lot and waited for the last one, which was Shinya.
Kaoru: Kaoru drove off once he saw that everyone seemed to be ready, there was s cozy little cafe he liked a lot between his house and the studio. Once there he found a good parking spot and nabbed. He quickly got out and waited.
Shinya: Hopping out of his car shinya shut the door and trotted off to sit with Kaoru. " Wow this place is cute." Shinya smiled.
Kyo: Kyo noticed that both Shinya and Kaoru got a parking space. "Curse them to hell" he said behind the wheel. He drove around for a couple of minutes and finally found a space, BUT it was way far away from the cafe. Kyo growled. "Stupid space stupid car space.." he mumbled. Two guys were passing by and saw the short man. They just stared as he was mumbleling something under his breath. Kyo noticed two pair of eyes looking at him. "Hey!" The two men got startled. "What are you staring at, never seen a man go crazy about a parking space!" Kyo suddenly made turkey noises and scared them away. He smirked "Ha, that would show them." He continued to walk towards the cafe. He spotted Kaoru and Shinya and sat next to him, and put his head down for a sec.
Kaoru: Kaoru nodded in agreement to Shinya's observations, "I like to grabbed a bite to eat here after practice with Toshiya from time to time, its nice and quiet." Hearing shouting, Kaoru spotted Kyo..what was he up to now?He shook his head as he watched.
Shinya: Shinya laughed at the little man. "Aaaaaw whatzza matter Kyo-chan did that loooong walk hurt your wittle legs?" he mocked Kyo.
Kyo: "As a matter a did!" "Now if you excuse me I'm going to the mens room" he growled at Shinya and made his way to the restrooms.
Kaoru: "Wow Shinya, what's with you today? It's not like you to pick on people." He followed Kyo into the restaurant and got them all a table.
Shinya: Shinya bowed his head in embaressment." I-im sorry, he sniffed lightly I-it's just, something Die said to me before break, it really got to me. Im sorry I-I just" Shinya sighed. "You wouldn't understand, forget it."
Kyo: Kyo washed his hands, and made his way to the table Kaoru has gotten for them. He sat next to Shinya. "So what's wrong with Shinya over here?" he asked Kaoru
Kaoru: "Nah, go ahead and tell me, I'll listen." He set his chin in his palms and looked at Shinya. When Kyo came out he looked up at him, "That's what I'm trying to find out."
Shinya: Shinya took in a shaky breath. "It's nothing really just forget it ok. He was just being Die, I shouldn't let him get to me. Anyway lets order the pies ne?" Shinya said trying his best to change the subject.
Kyo: "Uh Shinya were your friends, you can tell us anything." He looked at him with worry in his eyes. What the hell is going on between Shinya and Die??
Kaoru: "Yeah Shinya,"he poked Shinya, "you can tell us, or I'll beat you up." Kaoru smirked evilly and contuined to poke Shinya in the arm.
Shinya: "Ouch, ok ok Kaoru stop poking me. Shinya slapped at his leaders hand. He took a deep breath. "Where do I start. I guess after the last live right before the break. Die was picking on me as usual but this time he said something that really got to me. He said that the band was making fun of me for being so shy. I guess I was just trying to fit in is all." he sighed.
Kyo: "Damn Die!" "why in the hell does he tell you that for?!" he growled. "Gah..I need a pie." He walked off to get himsef a piece of pie.
Kaoru: Kaoru shook his head and patted Shin on the back, "Just be you, thats why we like you, you're Shinya, not who ever Die says." Kaoru watched Kyo leave and chuckled, "The waiter should be out soon ...." Just as he spoke a waiter popped up asking for their order. Kaoru just ordered water and some peanut butter cup pie.
Shinya: " Im not really that hungry.. a water is fine." Shinya smiled at the waiter.
Kyo: "Kyo was in the counter buying himself a piece of pie, just when he left the counter he saw the waiter taking their order. "Well what slow serivice you have here." he said to the waiter. "Sorry sir we were anttending other--"
Kyo: "Yeah whatever" Kyo did the turkey noises again as he once did for the two men. The waiter ran off. Kyo sat down in his seat. "Well that would teach them for their slow service"
Kaoru: "Kyo...quit being an ass." He bopped the short one on the head as the pie and water came out and Kaoru took a bite "mmmmmmmmmm....that is good" he looks down at the pie and gets sad, "Totchi likes pie...Why did they skip!?" he slams his fist on the table making things jump.*
Shinya: Shinya jumped in his seat and knocked his glass of water across the table which spilled into Kyo's crotch. " OMG! Kyo Im so sorry! Kaoru damn, you scared me to death!" Shinya scolded.
Kyo: Kyo didn't notice he had water in his crotch. A few minutes later it finally got registered in his mind. "WTF?! Did I piss in my pants?!?"
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