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Kaoru, Shinya, and Kyo RP [[December 31st, 2005] [22h 12]]

Kaoru, Shinya and Kyo go out for pie.Collapse )
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Log 1 [[December 28th, 2005] [22h 42]]

First log, Toshiya and Kaoru play Truth or Dare. Rating: NC-17Collapse )
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I have returned [[December 27th, 2005] [13h 13]]

I just thought you guys should know that I am back ^^
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JROCK CONTEST! [[December 11th, 2005] [10h 56]]

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Update [[December 10th, 2005] [19h 46]]

Well I'm gonna be leaving out of town tomorrow, and I just want to let you guys know that don't let the community die please!
And post the RPs so I can take a look at them when I come back and see if I can get back on track..so... See you later ^^
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Meeting. [[November 29th, 2005] [20h 18]]

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Ok ok. Some things that have been decided...

~~It's the Kasumi time period.
~~Rps can be group and individual. So this means come to the meetings for a group rp.

The next meeting will be set on December 6 at 6pt. If you have a problem with this, let a mod know ASAP!

Again. December 6, 6 'o clock pacific time.

If you don't know what your time zone is then ask a mod or look it up. If you are in eastern, you will be 3 hours ahead. We need to know if this is too late for you so future Meetings or this one can be rescheduled at a earlier time.

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Meeting [[November 26th, 2005] [16h 04]]

Since only one person showed up in the meeting, I'm gonna make another one :D Okay this time it's gonna be in Tuesday the 29 around 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM Okay people don't miss it people. I know last one was short notice, but I really thought I was leaving out of town yesterday, but there has been changes o__o REMEMBER 29 AROUND 5:00 PM AND 6:00 PM IN AIM Please leave a comment if your not able to make it, and please leave a comment letting me know that you are gonna make it :D

EDIT: The meeting is only for the RPers, readers are safe xD;
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Meeting [[November 24th, 2005] [20h 44]]

Okay people, we are going to have some kind of meeting, tomorrow around 1:00 PM or 2:00PM If I don't wake up by that time, just go ahead and do it it without me. I'm gonna be counting on the other Mod ^^ Anyway the reason I wanted it to be tomorrow is because I'm probably gonna be leaving out of town this week. So remember people TOMORROW AROUND 1:00PM OR 2:00PM Don't miss it!! :D

Oh and again please promote, it feels so empty *sees a tumble weed* XD

EDIT: Oh sorry I forgot to mention that it's only for the roleplayers xD; The readers are safe ^^; Also sorry for the short notice o__o
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Update [[November 20th, 2005] [14h 57]]

Okay our Kaoru is going to be zetsubou_cashew Woo~ I like how she RPs It was fun RPing with her ^^ And our Shinya is going to be goku_the_saru Woo~ Oh and goku_the_saru don't forget to make a journal for Shinya :D

Ok then we have all our characters, so all we have to do is RP I would say XD Anyway I guess we can set up a date so we can RP, or however this works. Remember I never done this before so..bear with me :D

Hm, we also need more members, can some of you promote please. I already promoted in a few communities, but as you can see not many joined XD So can you guys please do that for me?
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Layout up [[November 16th, 2005] [22h 06]]

Well got a layout up, Woo~. Thanks to my sister lekki who made the awesome banner above :D And I coded it myself so..well I copied and pasted it from another layout, but I coded it ^^; So..yeah new layout xD;
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Update [[November 16th, 2005] [16h 56]]

I have yet to speak to zetsubou_cashew to see if she should get the Kaoru part~, but I think she will get it since, fake_antidote said she was good, so I don't think we will have problems ^^;;. So right now the following characters are available.


Please comment if you would like to RP Shinya :D
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